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Does Cialis have Any Side Effects?

Cialis is a prescription medication which is recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, like every other pill, Cialis also has some side effects. The most common ones include a running or stuffy nose, indigestion, backaches, headaches, muscle pain and flushing. Men may experience muscle aches and back aches within 12 or 24 hours following the intake of Cialis. The muscle aches and back aches generally disappear within a couple of days and if there is any side effect which bothers you or does not disappear, call your health care provider.

Some of the rare, but serious after effects of taking Cialis might include: an erection which does not disappear and sudden loss of hearing or vision. If your erection lasts for over 4 hours, you should look for instant medical help to prevent long term injuries. Men who take prescription ED tablets like Cialis may even experience dizziness or a ringing sensation in their ears. It cannot be ascertained whether these instances are directly related to ED tablets or other aspects. However, if you experience a loss of senses, call your health care expert right away.

It is important to note here that Cialis is not a cure for ED, enhancement of sexual desire of an individual, protection of individuals from STD or sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, or act as a pill for birth control. The pill is not meant for women and children. Cialis should be used under the instructions of an expert health care professional and is available as a prescription drug.

Things to Know about Cialis

Cialis should not be taken by individuals who are on nitrate medication that is usually related to chest pain since the combination can lead to an unhealthy reduction of blood pressure. If you are on recreational drugs or poppers such as butyl nitrite or amyl nitrite, you must not take Cialis. Some people may be naturally allergic towards Cialis or its ingredients. In that case, get in touch with your health care expert and seek immediate help if you experience the signs of allergic reactions like rashes and hives.

It should be remembered that once a single tablet of Cialis is taken, a part of the active ingredients of this medication stay on in your body and may stay there for over a couple of days. This active ingredient may stay longer in case you experience any kind of problems in the liver or kidneys or if you are on other medications.

You need to stop any kind of sexual activity and seek instant medical aid in case you experience any signs such as dizziness, nausea or chest pain while having sex with your partner. Remember that with sexual activity, you can exert excessive strain on the heart especially if it is already weakened from any sort of heart disease or heart attack.

If used according to instructions, Cialis can help you obtain benefits and cure any condition of erectile dysfunction. Make sure that the directions of the doctor are strictly followed.

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